Sunday, April 12, 2009

...And So The Warm Weather Begins

Today in St. Paul Minnesota, the temperature is 61 degrees. Holy crap. After a winter of demoralizing length and frigidity, this beautiful weather feels even more amazing. The sun is finally warm and all of my winter layers can be left in the closet. With thoughts of summer, I've decided to post two of my favorite hip-hop songs in my library. They're from the independent Los Angeles rap-duo , People Under the Stairs. These guys are true old-school. They construct their beats using strictly old records, and never keyboards. Even better, they rap almost exclusively about enjoying life with family and friends, a refreshing message. Check out their newest album here. Take a drive in the sun, take a listen to these songs.

People Under the Stairs - Empty Bottles of Water
People Under the Stairs - The Suite For Beaver Part 2
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Anonymous said...

oh baby...summer's a-comin'