Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Tori Amos Video

There are few artists today who have amassed as prolific a body of work as Tori Amos. She will be releasing her tenth studio album on May 19, entitled Abnormally Attracted to Sin. She apparently put on a great set at SXSW a few days ago and her musical drive shows no signs of slowing down as time passes. She's certainly a technically proficient singer and an inventive songwriter, but I personally feel as if her songs might slightly be losing the edge she may have had as a younger musician. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as edgy and old don't always mix fantastically. I just feel there might be a part of the woman who sang "I believe in peace, bitch" that's missing nowadays. Anyways, this track is fairly lively, and Tori is still putting out albums better than 90% of musicians do.

"Welcome to England" Link


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