Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Were Sufjan's Parents Thinking?

Emotional indie problem child, Sufjan Stevens, has a weird name. I'm pretty positive that it's pronounced "Soof-yawn," but I've heard variations from "Suff-jan" to "Sue-gen." Growing up with a name like that, you'd think the kid would've done anything to have a different name. Well, it turns out that he once had the chance to change it! Huh? Weird. According to Pitchfork, Sufjan recently wrote a little blog post to accompany the release of an unheard track, "Sofia's Song." Topics include his name, his childhood, and songs about days of the week. He gets a little sappy, and there are a few parts of the post that seem tounge-in-cheek, but then again we are talking about Sufjan Stevens.

Read Sufjan's Post


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yes!lillie said...

So Sufjan mentioned Chad twice in the list of names he considered for the name change...Did he secretly dream of being a bro?