Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Album Review: Yesterday and Today

The Field follows up his spectacular debut with an arguably better effort, and turns in a breathtaking collection of sampled and organic sounds

Alex Willner, aka The Field, wowed everyone with his fantastically received and amazingly named debut, From Here We Go Sublime, which I hope most of you have listened to by now. His follow up, Yesterday and Today, was released yesterday on Kompakt. And it's good. Really good. It picks up where Willner left off with Sublime, but tends to veer off into a more organic sound than his debut. The end of the title track shows this subtle addition very well, as John Stanier's drumming turns the song from something great to something astounding. Like Sublime, this collection of songs doesn't belong on the dance floor necessarily, but I feel like Justice could have a field day (pun intended) remixing any one of these tracks and creating something amazing (pretty please?).
I felt like this album was much more of an adventure, and was more cohesive than its predecessor. The listener approaches something as the faint sounds that begin the opening track are slowly amplified, and then is taken through this beat-driven utopian environment as the album goes on. The album closer, "Sequenced," is just pure bliss, and ends with that "waking up to the rising sun, ready to start fresh after the shit went down" feeling. At least that's what I thought. Whether you categorize it as dance, ambient techno, or whatever else you can come up with to describe it, my guess is there won't be a better album of that kind this year. So I strongly suggest picking this up. I'll leave you with the album opener, "I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet."

The Field- I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet
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