Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old Yet Good

The way that I began listening to the fantastic music that I do nowadays was through mix CD's, which my sister, Allie, starting giving to me when I was about 15. She gave me music from the likes of My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis and everything in between.

So, when I got home and realized that the iPod player in my car wasn't working, I pulled out these old CD's, not only because it was all I had to listen to besides the radio (which sucks in Ct.), but also because I knew there would be some fantastic music awaiting.

Upon coming to one song, I fell in love again and now I must share it with everybody here. The song is entitled "If I Could Talk I'd", and it's by The Lemonheads. Enjoy!


Kamilla said...

Thanks for sharing, loved the song :)

allie said...

You're welcome!