Monday, May 18, 2009


We're slacking on the posts lately, so I thought I'd just put something up. Unlike many people, I was never a huge fan of the site FML, mainly because it was so obvious that many of the stories were made up. Luckily, our good friend Will just tipped me off to a similar website that I find much more enjoyable and comical. MyLifeIsAverage, or MLIA, takes the idea of FML and, in my opinion, heightens it dramatically. The stories may still be made up, but they're so mundane that I don't care if people believe them or not. Here's an example:

"Today I tried to Google something, Safari told me I wasn't connected to the internet. I was, so I refreshed and Google showed up. MLIA."

Anyway, check out the site and decide for yourself. Also, I'm going to throw in a song by The Vaselines, because it is one of the few recent releases that I can recommend.

The Vaselines- Dying For It
iTunes / amazon
The Vaselines MySpace


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