Monday, May 18, 2009

Voice of the Week

Hold on to your helmets! It's time for a new segment on fork/knife. Along with Music Movie Monday and our other weekly segments, I'm starting Voice of the Week. Each week or so, we'll spotlight a singer with pipes to die for. There'll be sultry singers, strong singers, creepy singers, loud singers, and every other type of singer you can think of. In time, hopefully we'll end up with a collection of the best voices in music. Sound good? Let's see what happens.

We might as well start off with the best, right? Well, close to it. Toby Leaman is the co-frontman of Dr. Dog, singing lead vocals while also playing the bass. Leaman leads the Philadelphia based band with a coarse and ferocious voice, and his unchained style couldn't fit the band better. Here are two songs that feature Toby at his best. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for the next Voice of the Week.

Dr. Dog - Keep a Friend
Dr. Dog - The Pretender

Dr. Dog's Official Site


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