Monday, May 11, 2009

Guitars of Integrity

Well, I'm back safe and sound at home after a rousing first two semesters of college. You can expect some scintillating, spine-tingling posts from here on out. As I was thinking back on the past, I realized that only about a year ago now I was working on a Spanish project with some now blogmates, and thinking back longingly on that extremely goofy yet loveable video (I wore an eye patch inexplicably), the background music was by the fantastic Rodrigo y Gabriela. I'm sure you know the tune, but the way they manage to do it here is really inventive. Not to mention the guitar playing itself is otherworldly.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Stairway to Heaven
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Anonymous said...

I'm in love with this!

Simon said...

Love Rodgab - genius stuff thanks for posting this. Have you heard Andy Mckee - amazing guitar player - more fingerstyle but incredible stuff Also guitar stuff Matt Stevens is good - more Rodgab spanish style - worth a listen or Erik Mongrain is amazing as well.