Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tarkio Binge

While following the Decemberists' broken down bus drama via twitter, and realizing they were stuck in Meloy's home state of Montana, it made me reflect back to an earlier time, a time before the Decemberists. Meloy's college band was named Tarkio, after the city in which they resided. Tarkio actually penned some pretty listenable tunes given their inexperience, and they released Omnibus through Kill Rock Stars in 2006, making some of those old tunes available. Although I'll admit that listening through the entire album can be tedious, it definitely has its moments, and two of my favorites are "Keeping Me Awake" and "Tristan and Iseult." The songwriting shines through on these particular songs, and alludes to the future success currently being enjoyed by the Decemberists. I figured not everyone has heard Tarkio songs, so maybe this could be a little chance to expand the ol' musical repertoire.
PS. I'm not 100% sure what the picture is of, it seems to be a poster for a show. Cool, right? Kind of like the Decemberists '09 SXSW poster by Kathryn Rathke, who makes you want to say words like slithy and raths.
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Tarkio - Keeping Me Awake
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Tarkio - Tristan and Iseult
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