Sunday, August 23, 2009

80 Minutes for Life

So I've been absent from blogging for a little while, mostly out of laziness (and I can shamefully admit a little bit because of Madden 10...), but over the past few days I stumbled upon a cool site with an even cooler concept, called 80 Minutes for Life (courtesy of our blog buddy Liz at the Blisslist, who gave it some love). The website makes an 80 minute long mixtape for you of a particular band, in an attempt to introduce you to said band if you're not already a fan. The Wilco post is my favorite, but there are a lot of good 80 minute mixes to start off the site, and the best thing is that there are going to be many, many more to come in the future. So it's a site where paradoxically, the less you know about music, the more use you can get out of it. And even if you do know the band, it still gives you a pretty awesome mix for you to give other people. So check it out, and keep checking in because I'm sure a lot of new stuff is in on the way soon

80 Minutes for Life
The Blisslist


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