Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, on Friday night, I finally got to see Phish live! I was supposed to have seen them three times prior to this show, but alas, people suck.

Anyways, they were amazing and seeing as I would get shit from my blogmates for posting Phish songs, I give you the two songs they covered.


Anonymous said...

phish hires cops to provide security and rat out thier fans at their shows.
they suck

Boney King said...

there are two reasons for that:

(1) phish broke up because they were tired of people coming to their shows to do drugs rather than see the show. this led to lots of people going to the hospital rather than the show and...

(2) most of the cops were on traffic control because such big crowds show up at these shows. they once caused a 75-mile traffic jam.

this is proven by the fact that i saw over 20 people walk by a group of cops whilst holding nitrous balloons.