Thursday, July 9, 2009

Carbon Glacier

I have recently been absolutely obsessed with Laura Veirs' Carbon Glacier. For some reason, Laura has managed to stay small despite crafting really fantastic songs, and sonically ambitious albums. Listening to Carbon Glacier recently has made me realize how musically intelligent she is. In particular the lyrics on this album have struck me as particularly striking and beautiful. At one point Laura sings, "A tiny little girl ties flowers to her wrists, and the bees come 'round to adorn her." That is simply awesome songwriting. "Ether Sings" is the first song off the album, and I think through a few listens that it's my favorite ("The Cloud Room" not far off). Laura has an album, July Flame, coming out sometime in the near future. I cannot wait for more new material from Laura, as she is one of the true professionals of the music industry today.

Laura Veirs - Ether Sings
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I too am partial to Carbon Glacier and Ether sings is probably my fave Veirs tune.
It's funny you mention those particular lyrics. That line is so damn beautiful, makes me teary-eyed it does.