Friday, July 17, 2009

Will Sturgeon

I have made it known that our blog inbox is a complete craps shoot. A large portion of the music we receive is not very well made and often clearly not our taste (see "Tha Pumpsta"). That's why when we get something good in there, it's often surprising to me. And what I found was really good. Will Sturgeon is a 19 year old kid out of California who makes "laptop folk" as he describes it. And that's a very interesting and apt description for what the music sounds like. I listened through it this morning and was instantly hooked. His recent EP, geo geo, consists of seven succinct and very beautiful songs most built around acoustic guitars and melodies. On his website, he said that he did everything himself, and I believe it, it's hard to imagine a more lo-fi listening experience. Not that I'm complaining, because I thought that it still sounded great and very campfirey. Another cool bonus is that the entire album is streaming on Facebook and you can get most of the songs off his MySpace. Big ups to Will for sending this to us, and I strongly recommend that everyone go give his album a shot. If you happen to be too lazy to click the link, you can listen to my favorite song, "Sea/Moon" at the bottom of the post, and hopefully some hype people can get an introduction to Will's music if they don't already know it.

Will Sturgeon - Sea/Moon



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yes!lillie said...

I was totally duped by the categorization of laptop folk (mechanical folk??), and happily surprised by the sound.
Though, I would like to hear like, electronic folk. somebody's got to give that a go.