Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hear the New Album from The Dodos!

Time To Die, the upcoming album from The Dodos, has leaked. In response, the band has posted a complete and high-quality version of the album on the web, which you can listen to right now! Whether or not the band is bummed about the leak, I'm just happy that I get to hear it. Time To Die will be released in stores September 15th, and the digital version will be available July 28th.



Anonymous said...

How do albums get leaked? Is it ever a publicity thinger by the bands themselves?
The Dodos rock!

Dappafunk said...

Well, bands usually send out promo copies of their cd's to writers and others in the media before the actual release, pretty much on the honor system that they won't share it or post it on the internet. the thing is, if somebody does leak the album, most of the promo copies now have tiny codes embedded in them so that the labels and bands can figure out exactly who leaked it. i dont think ive ever heard of bands intentionally leaking their album for publicity, but if someone knows differently id love to hear about it.