Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Happy double birthday to Jack White and Isaac Brock, who both turn 34 today. Jack White is perhaps the more well known of the two, having founded three different groups, two of which have met with great success and one of which is recently new but has started well for him. He is most well known for his first band, The White Stripes, the duo formed with his ex-wife but still good friend Meg White. In particular, the album Elephant stands out as moment of excellence for the band. His other two groups have also gone on to be quite successful, both the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather have serious rock and roll cred.
Isaac Brock is the founder of Modest Mouse, one of my favorite bands of my youth and creators of two of my favorite all time albums with The Lonesome Crowded West and The Moon & Antarctica. Not to say their other work isn't accomplished as well, they have been one of the leading forces of the indie world over the last 10 years. "Dramamine" is my favorite song from them, and currently holds the distinction of the only song ever posted twice on this blog (I think).


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