Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kiersten Holine

Kiersten Holine is the kind of artist very unique to our current time. She has risen up to relative notoriety primarily through her YouTube channel. I first became familiar with her through her YouTube channel where she posted covers of songs with just herself playing acoustic guitar almost three years ago. Unlike a lot of other people who post videos of themselves covering songs there were two things about Kiersten that stood out. The first and most important was the quality of her performances, she truly sounded and still sounds like a very seasoned performer who does every song she covers justice (even though she doesn't always seem to think so). The second, and the one that drew me to her was her repertoire, she was a huge fan of indie music, and still is. She may be a fan of Bob Dylan and the Beatles, but she's also influenced by Grizzly Bear and Bon Iver, which is an obvious draw for someone who loves indie music. Being the Decemberists fan I am, the first video I ever saw of her was a cover of "The Engine Driver," and I still believe that it is every bit the equal of the original (Except for the fact that it cuts off at the end, but I'll give her a pass because she was just starting!). She also debuted some new material fairly recently, which was absolutely fantastic, very minimalist, and shows her progression from cover artist to real artist. She has a debut album available for purchase off her website, for only $6 if you live in the US, $8 if you live outside the US, so it's a great deal for four songs. "I Have Waited" is my favorite off it. I'll leave you with her video for "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver, she absolutely knocks it out of the park, and links to her MySpace and YouTube pages.

Kiersten's MySpace page
Kiersten's YouTube Channel
Kiersten's Website


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