Monday, July 6, 2009

Da Beach Boyz

I've been listening to a lot of Miles Davis and Beach Boys lately, and because the Miles songs are too long to post, I figured some Beach Boys would suffice. Plus, who couldn't use some golden harmonies while they're soaking up this great weather the Northeast has been having?

The Beach Boys- Funky Pretty
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"Funky Pretty" is off the 1973 album Holland, and it's quite funky, especially towards the end.

The Beach Boys- California Saga/ California
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To accompany it is fellow Holland song "California Saga/ California," which is pretty irresistible as well.

The Beach Boys- I'm Waiting for the Day (a capella)
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Finally, here's an a capella version of "I'm Waiting for the Day" from The Pet Sounds Session Box Set, the discovery of which can be attributed to blog friend Carolyn. Thanks doll! It's rather different without the accompanying instrumentation, and is also lathered in reverb, which makes it that much better.



Anonymous said...

what?! No Barbara Anne?!!

Goldaline said...

Oh Anonymous, you're so needy!

Slappy White said...

Well I wanted to try and introduce people to some Beach Boys they may not have heard before. While "Barbara Anne" is a great song, chances are people are already familiar with it. Holland is an album that doesn't seem to get much attention, but is actually really good when you sit down and listen to it. So I'm just trying to help broaden some horizons.