Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Punk

New segment? Probably not. I'm just not really listening to a lot of new music, with the exception of the new Tiny Vipers album Life on Earth, which is great. Instead, I've been listening to a bunch of punk and post-punk, specifically Joy Division. Anyway, here's some tunage for all of our nostalgic readers longing for the 70's and 80's.

Knocked Up is one of those movies that I watch every time it's on, and it was on the other day. I love some parts and others are just 'eh', but I always love to hear the Clash. This song keeps popping into my head whenever I see the movie, so I figured I'd pass the curse to many more people.
The Clash- Police On My Back
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This is a song off the debut album by The Jam In The City. What more can I say?
The Jam- In The City
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And here's some Joy Division. The first song off their first album, to be exact. As a side note, if Ian Curtis was still alive, we'd be celebrating his 53rd birthday this Wednesday...
Joy Division- Disorder
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