Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Album Review: Dragonslayer

"Get this album."
I have to admit: the first time I heard this album I was rather underwhelmed, and the only track that really stood out was the epic ten minute closer "Dragon's Lair." As it would turn out, this is such a great example of an album that swells up with goodness and grows to perfection with more listens. I have no idea how Spencer Krug keeps up this ridiculous amount of musical output (he's been a part of twelve full length studio albums in the last four years), but I think this may be his finest release to date. Every song unravels with subsequent listens to reveal the intricate melodies and, more importantly, the lyrics. The album contains some of the most beautiful and captivating lyrics I've heard in a long time, and following Krug through his journey while his words spill out is just as impressive and enjoyable as the backing instrumentation, if not more so.

It's clear that Krug is maturing, and his music is obviously doing the same. While some may say At Mount Zoomer was weaker than Apologies to The Queen Mary (and it was), I think a steady progression can be seen over all his projects. And if this continues, I'm actually kind of scared to see what he whips up next. The energy on the album is so palpable thanks to it's mostly live recording, I don't know how Krug could possibly top himself now. I guess we'll have to see.

I know a lot of people (including myself) were blown away by Sunset Rubdown's previous effort Random Spirit Lover, so I certainly wouldn't say I enjoy Dragonslayer more if I didn't absolutely mean it. To clarify: I mean it. I can't do anymore to express my love for it: Get this album.

Sunset Rubdown- Silver Moons
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