Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Radiohead?

I've recently been trying to suck up as much Radiohead as I can, especially b-sides and EP's. I figured I'd post a few of them here to not only sway someone to fall in love with Radiohead, but also to show their amazing versatility.

Photo from Dead Air Space

Radiohead- Worrywort
"Worrywort" is off the Amnesiac b-sides and the Knives Out single. It's not only my favorite track that didn't make one of their albums, it's up there with my favorite tracks of their entire collection. Everything about it is so fleeting, and it's almost like after you listen to it just sort of floats away. Just me? Alright.
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Radiohead- The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
I get really weird imagery when I hear this song. Like corpses coming back to life and dancing around Yorke as he sings. Especially towards the end, I can just picture a bunch of goblins and ghouls on puppet strings eerily moving about. Just me again? Anyway, it too is off the Amnesiac b-sides and the Pyramid Song single, and I adore it.
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Radiohead- Gagging Order
Going in a completely different direction, "Gagging Order" is a much softer song than the one above, but just as much satisfying. As one of the few good songs off the Com Lag EP, this is a breathe of fresh air in comparison to the regular Radiohead sound. It just goes to show, Yorke + acoustic = money. But then again, Yorke + anything = money.
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rw said...

that last track is gagging order, not where bluebirds fly

-aunt boosy

Slappy White said...

Hello Aunt Boosy,
While we all appreciate reader comments very much, "Where Bluebirds Fly" is indeed the last track off of the Com Lag (2+2=5) EP. "Gagging Order" is also on the EP, but is track 8, while "Where Bluebirds Fly" is the 10th and final track. Is it possible that you have downloaded or otherwise received an incorrect version? Here is a link to the version I have:


Dan said...

While Aunt Boozy's comment was somewhat ambiguous in meaning, I think the intention was not concerning the last track on the EP, but the last track you've posted here. So far as I can tell, that track, labeled in the post as "Where Bluebirds Fly" is indeed "Gagging Order."In fact, if you follow your own link, you can listen to the samples of those two songs, and the mistake will become clear.

Slappy White said...

Ahh Dan, you are very wise. Thank you for clarifying, and it seems as though I'm the goose.

Foxyblaise said...

One of my favourite B-sides from Radiohead is "Paperbag writer". It's one of There there's B-Sides along Where Bluebird Fly.
It's a weird minimal haunted funk piece. Dark yet groovy... and very experimental :)