Friday, June 26, 2009

New Free Song from Fleet Foxes

While my love for Fleet Foxes has diminished slightly since last summer, I'm still rootin' for the guys. Amidst all the over-hyped bands riding the trendy wavves to success, Fleet Foxes are just a bunch of awkward friends recording folksy songs.

Anyways, after the band recently played the Glastonbury festival in the UK, lead singer Robin Pecknold recorded this new song, available for download below. It doesn't matter if you've never heard their music or if you're a hardcore fan looking for more, take a listen. As always, right-click and "save as" in order to download the mp3 onto your computer.



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yes!lillie said...

I'm not as big of a fan as last year either, and I know that music comes and goes, but it still makes me SO sad to read those words.
I keep trying to listen to the album and get the same feeling that I used to get, but it's gone!
How sad it is.