Friday, June 19, 2009

Imogen Heap's vBlogs

Today marked the end of an era of sorts, Imogen Heap created her final vBlog regarding her upcoming album Ellipse. For those of you who don't know, she decided almost two years ago as she began work on the album to start a series of video blogs informing her fans of what was going on in terms of the process of making an album. I didn't pick up the series from the beginning, but did eventually watch every video in sequence and found it fascinating. I also think Imogen is the perfect artist to make something like this because of her silly, outgoing nature and the electronic nature of her music. As much as I love Fleet Foxes, I imagine a lot of the musical process is just strumming guitars, but with Imogen you could kind of get a feel for her thoughts and ideas as they progressed. The segments featured Imogen playing instruments like toy pianos, megaphones, a "Hang", and even herself. There are 40 parts in the series, each about 10 minutes long, so if you plan on trying to catch up, make sure you have a big chunk of free time. You can find her Youtube channel page here, and make sure to catch the album when it comes out on August 24th.

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Media Reviews said...

how do you know it's her FINAL vblog? don't know. I could easily see her doing more of them down the road. She babbles on way too much about other topics to make them *just* about the new album.

Goldaline said...

I don't know that, in fact I'd bet she'll make more at some point. But if you read the text very closely, you'll see that I said in respect to her upcoming album. And I'm just going based on her word.