Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Album From The Dodos

There's no one quite like The Dodos. I've been eating up their album, Visiter, since I got it a few weeks ago. If you haven't heard it, check out the song and video that I posted recently because both are wonderful. Now, to the news! Pitchfork is reporting that The Dodos have announced their new album! It's going to be called Time to Die, and will be released by the Frechkiss label on September 15th. YeeeeHaw!! I've posted the tracklist below.

Time to Die:

1. Small Deaths
2. Longform
3. Fables
4. The Strums
5. This Is a Business
6. Two Medicines
7. Troll Nacht
8. Acorn Factory
9. Time to Die


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