Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camera Obscura on Late Late Show

Last night Camera Obscura performed "French Navy," the fantastic opener off their latest album that came out only a few months ago, My Maudlin Career. Shockingly, the band from Scotland had never performed on TV before in their 14 year career, but they certainly knocked the performance out of the park. Hopefully this will garner the band a little publicity if that is indeed what they're looking for, because it's hard to think of a band that deserves it more than them. Here's a video of the performance:

On a side note, I love the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and if you happen to awake at 1 AM, you should definitely check it out. Or if you have DVR or TIVO or whatever the kids are using these days... Here's another video of Craig dancing pointlessly but hilariously to "Istanbul" by They Might Be Giants:


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