Saturday, June 20, 2009

TL/Rx & Titus Andronicus @ Toad's Place: 6/19/09

Well what can we say about Titus Andronicus? It was loud and fun, and lead singer Patrick Stickles was sporting a King Leonidas-like beard. With an array of thundering guitar-heavy songs including covers of Misfits and others, Titus melted our ears and warmed them up nicely for Ted Leo.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists took the stage right on time and opened with a fantastic version of "Little Dawn." What made it so great? Ted Leo broke into a short cover of "One More Time" over the regular beat, sending the f/k clan into a bit of a frenzy. Unfortunately, that high caliber of energy was never reached again, despite classics like "Me and Mia" and "Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone." Overall, it was a solid performance that showed how a seasoned veteran controls the stage and the audience.

As always, head to the f/k Flickr page for more photos of this and past shows.


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