Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your LOL Moment of the Week

Nothing you've seen can prepare you for "Tha Pumpsta." Let me assure you, this man is a real life person, an actual musician with a PR company, a MySpace, and everything. Yet somehow, it is difficult to imagine that such a human exists. Check out this video:

After watching the video, its impossible to find words that can describe my utter amazement. First of all, this looks more like an SNL skit than anything else. Second, Tha Pumpsta is definitely on drugs. Third, I can't believe that anyone would take the time out of their life to make this video. Part of me is sorry that I even posted this for public viewing, but it's too priceless. I can promise you you'll never see Tha Pumpsta on fork/knife ever again, I just wanted to share the absurdity. I hope part of you enjoyed it.


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