Friday, December 12, 2008

Bon Iver -Blood Bank [EP]

I think everybody here at fork/knife will agree with me when I say that Bon Iver's debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, is one of the best albums of 2008, which makes us all excited to hear their new EP, Blood Bank coming out on January 20th. Bon Iver continue their winter cabin atmosphere (which I was afraid they were going to lose, to be honest) which was adored by music lovers and critics alike this year.

The two songs that I have heard from Blood Bank aren't quite as captivating as songs from For Emma, Forever Ago, which is understandable due to the circumstances under which their debut album was written. After being dumped by his girlfriend and leaving his prior band, Justin Vernon spent several months isolated in his father's cabin in Minnesota intending on taking a break from music. But For Emma, Forever Ago was running through his veins, he had to get it out of him, so Vernon wrote and recorded the entire album in that cabin by himself. This album could haven't been written at any other time or by any other person.

So, when you listen to the two tracks that I've provided below, remember that they're not For Emma, Forever Ago, but they are still gorgeous, intimate songs that provide that perfect soundtrack for when you take that wintry night walk.

Bon Iver - Blood Bank
Bon Iver - Beach Baby


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