Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Cross the Universe In Stores Today!

In '07, Justice crashed into the music scene and hasn't even slowed down yet. With their debut album, (Cross), and their amazing video for the catchy song "D.A.N.C.E", it was hard for anyone not to listen to them. Earlier this year they dropped the Planisphère EP, a 17 minute epic broken into four parts that ends in glorious, cascading guitar work. After touring for quite some time, A Cross the Universe was released today in stores. This cleverly named gem is a two disc release with one half being a live show in San Francisco, and the other half a one hour behind the scenes documentary. Take a look (umm, a bit of nudity and graphic language ensues).

Looks like fun, right? The live recording is nothing too spectacular. They basically play all of , reworking a couple of their songs, and end with...a Metallica song! The greatness of this purchase comes with the documentary, because it seems like these are two wild and crazy guys. Anyway, if you enjoy these two as much as I do, throw this puppy on your holiday wish lists, or just purchase it from Amazon here and enjoy it right away. Speaking of right away, feel free to check out these little nuggets of gold while you contemplate how Justice got this good this quickly.

Justice- Genesis (from )

Justice- Phantom Part 1.5 (live from A Cross the Universe)

Justice- We are Your Friends (Justice vs. Simian Mobile Disco)


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