Friday, December 12, 2008

L'autre bout du monde de musique

Oftentimes I get the feeling that a majority of people are mainly interested in American and UK bands. While I will concede that these bands do make up a majority of any well versed listener, astute people realize that there is more to the picture. One of these artists would most certainly be Emily Loizeau, whose debut album L'autre bout de monde is almost completely unknown here in the US. Which is a real shame, because it contains some of the most infectious pop gems I've ever heard, and also some truly touching songs as well. Emily is set for an '09 release with Je suis jalouse, and I hope that it will garner more attention than its predecessor. I'll leave you with one of those pop gems, as well as a duet with Andrew Bird that is the album's penultimate track.

Boby Chéri - Emily Loizeau

London Town - Emily Loizeau, Andrew Bird


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