Monday, December 15, 2008

A Party That is Grand, But Not Too Old

I first heard Grand Ole Party on Daytrotter, when they recorded one of the better sessions I've heard on the site, which you can find here. They sounded like a funkier Yeah Yeah Yeahs, just a lot cooler also. I then bought their debut LP Humanimals to see what they sounded like in studio. To my delight, I wasn't disappointed, as the cd is quite good. At times, some songs seem repetitive, but the amazing potential this band has shines throughout. The trio from San Diego creates an interesting and fresh sound, due mainly to lead singer Kristen Gundred's over-the-top voice. I also have to give her props for belting out the way she does, while playing drums. Not easy. The reason I'm posting this now? Well, it's always a good time to discover new music, and if you haven't heard of these guys yet, you definitely want to put them on your radar. Humanimals was released in mid '07, so hopefully we'll see some new material from them soon. 'Til then, enjoy what you can get for free, visit their MySpace page, and buy their cd if you're liking what you're hearing.

Grand Ole Party- INSANE


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