Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raveonettes Frontman Releases Debut Solo LP

Now, I know my past two posts have been about well-known band members releasing solo albums, but its a pretty big deal, right? Even though Chandler is the biggest Raveonettes fan out of the bunch, I figured I just let everybody know about it and he can add to it if he pleases. But without further adieu I give you the track list!

Sune Rose Wanger

1. Hvad Der Sker
2. Et Underfuldt Liv
3. Afgrunden
4. Altid
5. Tyskerpiger
6. Samme Vej
7. Svinske Maend
8. Gi’ Mig En Pige
9. Beruset Og Forhadt
10. Din Mund

Sune Rose Wanger - Beruset Og Forhadt


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