Saturday, December 27, 2008

Song o' the Week #3

With all the commotion of the holidays I forgot to post the song o' the week yesterday, but I figure it won't make much of a difference to post it a day late.

Before this year, I knew The Walkmen as the band that was responsible for the song "The Rat." This year, I know them as the band that made a good cd that grows on you, and as an absolutely terrible live act. I'm amazed to hear the sparkling reviews for these guys live because everyone with me agreed that it just was not good. In any event, their LP You & Me released earlier this year has been getting more and more play over time.

This weeks song comes from that album and may not be the best song from it, but it's certainly good. It features a calming guitar to start off, and then explodes and falls back down at the perfect times. Hamilton Leithauser's voice sounds much better in studio than in concert, and he belts out some great lyrics throughout. Anyway, enjoy "Dónde Está la Playa," or "Where is the Beach" for those who didn't take six years of useless Spanish classes.

The Walkmen- Dónde Está la Playa



Goldaline said...

Me pone triste que pensaras que las clases de espanol eran inutiles.

Slappy White said...

I am sad that you think your Spanish classes were useless??