Friday, December 12, 2008

Postal Service's Sophomore Album?

Postal Service's 2003 Give Up was a huge success, but music listeners have been anxiously awaiting another album from the nifty duo.

Death Cab For Cutie front-man and Postal Service co-founder Ben Gibbard sat down with Rolling Stone yesterday to talk about his music, political views and everything in between. And yes, they asked the question everybody has been wanting to ask. "Any updates with your side-project the Postal Service? Are there plans to follow-up with your 2003 debut Give Up?" Gibbard's response was ambiguous yet hopeful. "It’s the record that never seems to want to come out. It’s also just never been a priority for either Jimmy [Tamborello, Postal Service co-founder] or myself. The anticipation of the second record has been a far bigger deal for everybody except the two of us." We can only hope.

The entire interview can be seen here.


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