Thursday, December 11, 2008

Josh Tillman to Release Solo Album in '09

Josh Tillman, who is best known as the drummer for 2008's breakthrough band Fleet Foxes, will release the most anticipated album of his career. Vacilando Territory Blues, Tillman's fifth solo album, is currently available for digital download and will be officially released on January 20th, 2009. It is unfortunate that it took the driving force of the Fleet Foxes for his solo work to be recognized, but if that what it takes to bring this stunningly and simply gorgeous music to the forefront, then so be it.

The progression of Tillman's previous work shows how he has been able to evolve from a simple folk songwriter to one who is able to incorporate elements of pop and indie rock into his songs without over-doing it. Every little piece of his work is marvelous, whether it be his ominous vocals, his uncanny ability to manipulate the English language, or simply his overall ability to write a song. So when you're at your local record store in January picking up the new Animal Collective, Andrew Bird or Franz Ferdinand record, don't forget to swing by the 'T' section and pick up J. Tillman's record Vacilando Territory Blues.

J. Tillman - Steel on Steel
J. Tillman - First Born


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