Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh, Those Guys From Barcelona

The Swedish band I'm From Barcelona is most notably known for having over 25 band members, as well as lead singer Emanuel Lundgren's mustache. In '06, they released their fantastic debut LP Let Me Introduce My Friends, which got excellent reviews from critics. Who Killed Harry Houdini?, their second and most recent album that was released this year, is not very good. But they certainly know how to make a full sound and create blissfully playful indie pop. Hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes and stay away from anything magic related in the future. 'Til then, enjoy a couple songs from their debut including the amazingly catchy "We're From Barcelona," which will try it's darnedest to get lodged in your head.

I'm From Barcelona- We're From Barcelona

I'm From Barcelona- Rec and Play

Emanuel Lundgren also recorded a Take-Away Show, so if you want to get an instant taste of these guys, check out "We're From Barcelona" live:


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