Friday, December 12, 2008

Dealin' With the Ladys

Two "Lady" artists have been getting a good deal of play lately on my iPod, and I thought I'd share the wealth. The first is Ladyhawke, who released her debut self-titled LP in late September of this year. A New Zealand native, Philipa Brown creates quirky electropop, the kind Molly Ringwald would dance to in her room. You know what I mean. Granted, too much of it will make your eyes roll and your head explode. But in small doses, it can be exactly what you're looking for to brighten your day a little. The second is Ladytron, a four piece band from Liverpool, who released their fourth studio LP Velocifero in June of this year. Much like Ladyhawke, the four piece creates synth-based electropop that tries hard to get you tapping your feet, and usually succeeds. The "Ladys" might not be for everyone, but they might be just the thing to offer something different if you find yourself in a musical rut. They also provide me with an excuse to show a picture of cute Molly Ringwald, before she fell off the face of the entertainment industry and became bloated.

Ladyhawke- Back of the Van

Ladytron- Black Cat


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