Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Album Review: Keep It Hid

Keep It Hid is the new solo album from Dan Auerbach, singer and guitar player for The Black Keys. For those of you familiar with The Black Keys, this album will not be too surprising. The music’s foundation rests upon pure blues, fused with psychedelic influences and that incredible voice. A native of Ohio, Auerbach has the voice of a grizzled man who truly knows the blues. He’s one of my favorite musicians to listen to, even though at times his music can be predictable. This album is not an exception. Auerbach played most of the instruments on the album, recorded most of it himself, and had friends and family join him to fill out the rest of the cast. Who knows the reasons behind his decision to try going solo, I certainly don’t think that it matters all that much. Keep It Hid is a solid album, simple at times but always satisfying. Knowing that Dan did most of it by himself makes its even better.

Dan Auerbach – My Last Mistake
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