Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Music Movies Monday #9

This week's MMM, in addition to being a little late, is also going to be rather random. And with that, the random videos shall commence.

Passion Pit is supposed to release their debut full length later this year, after dropping one of the catchiest, if not best EP's of last year: Chunk of Change. Here's the video for "Sleepyhead," because both song and video are quite enjoyable.

Passion Pit MySpace

Voxtrot has recently released their next single from their upcoming release, so I thought I'd post a video from one of their previous ones. "The Start of Something" might indeed be my favorite Voxtrot song, but this is certainly up there. Courtesy of La Blogotheque Take Away Shows.

Voxtrot MySpace

For those not following Colin Meloy on Twitter, he proposed a challenge to everyone to write and videotape themselves performing a song about Linda Ronstadt. He announced the winners and runner up's today, but Donovan and I agree that this one was the most enjoyable.

The Decemberists MySpace
Colin Meloy's Twitter

The last video has nothing to do with music, but should get a laugh or two. Donovan showed me this a while ago after one of his friends showed it to him, and it's basically one of the best things Shatner has ever done. Though, the other reactions of the guy next to Shatner are golden as well. "D'oh, Mr. Crain!"

William Shatner

As a side note, we'd like to plug a website of a new friend following us on Twitter. He seems like a solid fellow, so check out the website of Ben Derico.

The White Stripes- We're Going to Be Friends
The White Stripes MySpace


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