Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wavves Kickks Asss

Right now I'm having a miniature obsession with the punk rock of Wavves. There's no glamour, no ego, and no gimmick and this one man show. Nathan Williams is the San Diego dude behind the band. His newest album, Wavvves, (three v's) sounds like he recorded it in a basement with crappy equipment and then just put it out there in this chaotic, low-fi manner for people to listen. In the same vein as No Age, Guided By Voices, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Wavves channels the fuzzy, overdriven mystique well. Here's the song "No Hope Kids" from Wavvves, it drives straight ahead with a punk rock determination that hasn't been seen in years.

Wavves - No Hope Kids
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1 comment:

yes!lillie said...

You definitely beat Chandler to the punch on posting about Wavves (jerk?).

I like when music sounds like this. It is chaotic! The guitars sound so dirty to me. This is crunchy music - am I wrong?