Monday, March 9, 2009

Cruisin' Song of the Week #12

This week's crusin' song comes out of the old "adrenaline" jar. Previous entries from this esteemed jar include "Breaking the Law" and "The Stroke." Unlike those two gems, this is something I might actually consider listening to whilst not on the open road. Of course, I spend almost all my life on the open road, so it's not really a relevant question. Hell, I'm doing this post wirelessly as I'm crusin' down the freeway. I was born on the open road, raised on the open road, schooled on the open road, and now write for this blog, all on the open road. This song is from the fantastic band "The National," and if you don't know about them then you're a regular tomfool.

The National - Abel
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Slappy White said...

you sure do like the open road, ill give you that

yes!lillie said...

Do you have a motorcycle?

Goldaline said...

Of course I have a motorcycle. I'm posting this comment from it right now.

yes!lillie said...

that's so raw. does it have a sidecar? lemme at it!