Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music Movies Monday #8

While this is in fact Tuesday, I still have the spirit of MMM. I thought this week I'd just give you some videos of things I've been listening to lately. The first is something I think all of us here at f/k would agree is quite stellar. While Donovan hopefully has a signed copy of the vinyl in the mail, the new Decemberists album The Hazards of Love leaked onto the internet a couple of days ago. The instrumentation is quite different from their previous efforts, which makes for a very interesting listen. All the songs are quite dense, and multiple listens are certainly necessary. In any event, enjoy Meloy as he croons in his usual manner, and showcases what we now know is "Isn't It a Lovely Night" and "The Rake's Song."

The next is something I've given a second chance to. Madvillainy by Madvillain is one of the most critically acclaimed hip hop album of the 21st century, though some argue that's it's not hip hop. I am by no means a rap fan, or even a hip hop fan. But there is just something about how the lyrics flow perfectly with the beat. Madvillainy was released on an indie label, so I guess that makes it fine to blog about on f/k. Here's "Accordion," a fantastic track from the aforementioned album, and probably a song that you won't hear on regular hip hop or rap stations due to its brevity and odd accordion sound.

What I can only imagine is the dream of every person in every school band, everywhere. Footage of Yorke working with the USC marching band and other backstage preparations prior to the fantastic Grammy performance. If anything, it's more of Thom dancing.

Finally, I thought this needed to be posted again. Because, let's face it, it's the world's greatest.

Beirut MySpace page

Madvillain MySpace page

The Decemberists MySpace page


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yes!lillie said...

The Beirut video is grand. I've never seen them/watched them live. Love it!
But you know that nervous feeling you get when you're watching something live and you're concerned and distracted the whole time with the worry that someone's going to mess it up? I had that with the accordion player. obviously he wasn't going to mess it up...