Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Band To Watch: The Sea and Cake

In our interview with The Globes, lead singer Erik Walters recommended that we take a look at a band known as The Sea and Cake. After taking I listen, I'm pretty damn impressed. In many ways, this band should not be in a segment called "Bands To Watch." They've been making music since 1994, and their website correctly describes them as "well-oiled." It seems like they're starting to gain some momentum though, and if they're on fork/knife well then they must be getting huge.

The Sea and Cake is based in Chicago. They've drawn some bizarre classifications as jazz music, which I think are largely misplaced. I would say that they create their own musical space somewhere between Broken Social Scene and Badly Drawn Boy, yet even these comparisons make me uncomfortable because I don't really think that you can put a finger on their vibe. Here's a song from their 1995 album, which was called The Biz. If you like what you hear, go check out their newer material. They've got tons of it, and it's all just as good.

The Sea and Cake - An Assasin
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Anonymous said...

sorry, but the sea and cake in a section about bands to watch. whaaaat??!!
it should maybe be mentioned that the guy in front of your picture is john mcentire, one of tortoise's masterminds (who just released their great new album) and producer of countless other artists.
they ARE watched! how could you have missed them for so many years?