Saturday, March 7, 2009

Phish Is Officially Back!

Last night marked the official return of Phish, one of my favorite bands of all time [Yes, I'm aware that this damages my hipster cred]. But if you weren't one of the amazingly lucky people to catch this historic event don't worry because the guys from VT are making all three Hampton shows available for free download on And as all Phans know, this is no bootleg, this is a feed straight from the soundboard, so it is top notch. I am listening to it now, and I am amazed of how good they sounded. To be honest, I wasn't sure how they were going to sound seeing as they are all pushing 50.

The band opened the show with "Fluffhead", which was a huge surprise to me because they almost never played it live because it is so complex and difficult to get right live, but they did it nonetheless. Now I could go on and on about every song they played, including closing the final set with "YEM", a Phish classic, but seeing as this is more of an indie blog and my accomplices probably don't want me to do that, so I'll let you guys download the show and listen for yourselves, and trust me, it's worth the time.


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Anonymous said...

Bishop, I don't think you ever had hipster cred