Friday, March 13, 2009

Song o' the Week #14

In addition to listening to The Hazards of Love more, one album has really controlled most of my listening opportunities. Blueberry Boat, the sophomore album from The Fiery Furnaces, has almost literally been on repeat for a few days now. It's such an amazing, yet polarizing release that manages to become more and more interesting with each listen for those that like it. This heavily layered concept album needs to be listened to all together to understand the story, so I'm not going to post a song from it. Instead, I strongly encourage you to pick up the entire cd (or vinyl, like me) to really experience this masterpiece in its entirety. Anyway, the song of the week is a Built to Spill song, because they're great and there's a chance we may go and see them at the Pitchfork Festival this summer. As a side note, we officially have a Twitter account, so feel free to follow us to catch more of our wild and zany antics!

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Built to Spill- Distopian Dream Girl


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