Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strange Overtones In the Music

Simply out of laziness, I've never been a big listener of either David Byrne or Brian Eno. They're pretty huge names in the music biz, and I hear there names all the time, but to be honest I've never spent more than five minutes exploring their music in my library. Byrne is the man behing Talking Heads, and Brian Eno is generally noted as the father of ambient music. He has worked with Bowie, U2 (barf) and most recently, with Coldplay on Viva la Vida.
Bryne and Eno have worked together before, and reunited in 2008 to record Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. Much like the album artwork, it's futuristic and also ridiculously 80's-like. However you'd like to describe it, it's got some bizarre hooks that make it a worthwhile listen that I highly recommend.
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