Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dosh @ Macalester College: 3/1/09

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing Martin Dosh perform here at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dosh was playing in support of his brother Paul Dosh, who is a Poli Sci professor here. Paul is working on a humanitarian/human rights project in Peru, called "Building Dignity." You can read more about the project here.

Dosh's music was not the main focus of the evening, and for that reason he played only a few tunes. I still wanted to post about his show, though, because I think musically he's doing some awesome stuff. Dosh has been working with renowned musician Andrew Bird for years, and it's a little known fact that Dosh is responsible for a lot of what you hear on Bird's albums. The best example of this is Andrew Bird's song "Simple X," one of my favorite track from Armchair Apocrypha. Turns out, the song was originally done by Dosh; it sounds like they sat down, rehashed it, and added vocals for Bird's album. Dosh played a solid version of his orginal version, called "Simple Exercises" at the Macalester show. It was really interesting to see him loop all the different pieces of the song live, and to watch it develop and grow. More than anything, this post is meant to serve as an introduction to Dosh and a recommendation from me to you that you take a second to check out Dosh's work. Here's "Simple Excercises" for your listening pleasure, off his album called Pure Trash. Enjoy!

Dosh - Simple Exercises
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yes!lillie said...

This is so cool! I wonder how he came up with the lyrics for Simple X? So different from the theme of Simple Exercise.

yes!lillie said...

also, nice picture. did you take it? It makes Janet Wallace seem so ambientic.

Anonymous said...

Janet Wallace IS ambient(ic).

Boney King said...

i like simple exercise, but i like what bird did with it to make simple x better.