Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New EP On the Way from Death Cab

Death Cab for Cutie has just announced that they'll be releasing a new EP on March 31st. It's titled The Open Door, and it will be available online only until April 14th, at which point you can buy it in record stores. The songs are likely B-sides from the band's recent album, Narrow Stairs, and here at f/k we're excited to see what Ben Gibbard and the crew have got in store. The tracklist includes four new songs and an unreleased demo version of "Talking Bird," one of my favorite tracks from Narrow Stairs. 

1. Little Bribes
2. A Diamond And A Tether
3. My Mirror Speaks
4. I Was Once A Loyal Lover
5. Talking Bird (Demo)

In preparation of the new EP, here's a song from the band's Crooked Teeth EP that came out just after Plans. The song's called "Talking Like Turnstiles," and it's classic Death Cab.
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