Sunday, March 1, 2009

David Bazan Has Fewer Moving Parts

You may know David Bazan from from his day job, as the man behind the band Pedro the Lion. The band released a bunch of great albums, my favorite of which is probably Control. There is a lesser known side of Bazan, however. He's taken some serious time by himself to record and release solo work under his own name. Lately I've been listening to Fewer Moving Parts, a fantastic album that has ten songs with an interesting theme. There are really five songs, but Bazan recorded one acoustic version and one electric version of each. It's awesome. Bazan's songwriting is so good that you don't mind hearing the same lyrics twice, and you get to experience the different routes that each song could've taken. I can't stop listening, especially the song, "How I Remember." The content is dark, the harmonies are minimal, and as usual Bazan controls every second with his dominating voice. I've posted the acoustic version below, if you like what you hear, then pick up the full album. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

David Bazan - How I Remember (Acoustic)
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Michael said...

I loved Bazan's solo album, can't wait for more from him.