Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hey! You! Support Veckatimest.

There's no denying that in today's world, people are all about instant gratification and getting stuff done as quickly and efficiently as possible. For this reason, I wasn't surprised when Grizzly Bear's new record, Veckatimest, leaked through the interwebs two weeks ago. With an album as highly-anticipated as Veckatimest, it's almost assumed by everyone that it will leak before the release date. The album is set to be released May 26th. That's months away!

I'm here to encourage everyone to support Grizzly Bear by pre-ordering the album or buying a copy when it's released in May. The band's singer, Edward Droste, blogged about the leak, generally saying that the band is pretty bummed. Leaks as early as this one have the potential to ruin the record sales for the album, cause everybody has already heard the CD and doesn't feel like forkin' over fifteen bucks. Well, think twice about it. As Ed blogged, they've worked on this record for roughly a year and a half. Throw 'em some love and buy the album in May.


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Carolyn said...

You can say that again, a million times! It looks really good.
And people should especially consider the vinyl - good for the turntable and the coffee table.

x o tic tac toe