Sunday, February 1, 2009

Band To Watch: The Antlers

In the winter of 2006 Peter Silberman moved to Manhattan only to barricade himself inside his apartment, away from his family, friends, and the everyday hustle and bustle of the city. A year and a half later Silberman awoke from his hibernation as a liberated twenty-one year-old. With Hospice, his newest record under the moniker The Antlers, he set out on another year and a half journey to explain his absence.

After visiting his website I was pleased to find a plethora of his work available for my ears to munch on. It's fantastic. The new record all started as Silberman's solo bedroom arangements and recordings eventually evolving into a full blown record as he recruited some freinds to help him. Now, at band meetings the roll call includes two other names, Darby Cicci on trumpet and banjo, and Justin Stivers on bass. It's now 2008 and Hospice is officially complete and being released on March 3rd.

Although I hate making band comparisons because every band - except cover bands - should be making music for their own satisfaction, I must say that the reviews that compare Silberman's vocals to those of Jeff Buckley ring true. But once you sit down and listen to their music you'll find that it has its own entity. The compositions are deeply layered, dazzling and delicate all at once. Once you double-click "Bear" in your iTunes library you think you're listening to a new fancy cover of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", but Silberman quickly goes aray from the motiff and slowly creates an auricular jacuzzi of cloying goodness. Upon "Bear" coming to an end, I prepared myself for the next single "Two". Upon dropping the needle you immediately realize why the song is entitled "Two"; the track only contains two chords. It starts out with Silberman strumming in a downward motion on his non-electric guitar between the two chords to create an anti-arrondi ambiance. The track slowly grows with Silberman's vocals gaining a rawness, and more musical aspects contributing to the bewildering bliss until it brings you back to a comatose state.

With all that being said, it would be an understatement to say that I'm looking forward to hear what else this man has been able to write after that identity identification stage of his short little life.

The Antlers - Bear
The Antlers - Two


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